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The company Rennsport Wachter has its own racing team, "Rennsport Christian Wachter", and currently has one race car driver.
Christian Wachter has been competing in the Drexler Formula Cup with his Dallara F308 / 10 FPT since 2017.
In his first Formula 3 season, he managed to take 3rd place in the overall ranking of the German Formula 3 Cup 2017.
Further successes are the 2nd place in the Remus Formula Junior Trophy 2018 and a 2nd place in the Ravenol Formula 3 Cup of the 2019 season.


Professional services from Rennsport Wachter in formula racing::

  • Driver coaching: Driver coaching with the instructor Christian Wachter
  • Racing car rental: Free practice with the Formula 3 racing car Dallara F308 / 10 (237PS, top speed 280km / h, weight approx. 500kg)
  • Racing: Participation in international races in the Drexler Formula Cup or FIA CEZ with the racing team Rennsport Christian Wachter
  • Trade with formula racing cars: acing accessories in formula racing: Purchase and sale of formula racing cars and racing tires, as well as in the area of karting: Intrepid chassis and engines
  • Transport Service: Car transport service for racing cars and classic cars


The small racing team Rennsport Wachter has only 2 teammembers: the racing driver Christian Wachter (19 years old) and his father Hans. The two have been racing across Europe with their own Formula 3 racing car since 2017 and compete against the large established racing teams from all over Europe.

While the big racing teams arrive with more than 4 mechanics, engineers, etc. per racing vehicle and with large truck trailers packed with new tires, the 2-man team from Kaiserslautern comes to the racetracks in Europe with a car transport trailer and a 20-year-old Audi A6. In the past few years the smallest team started the F3 races with used tires due to its very limited budget, which of course was a major disadvantage. Given the fact that the team has only a fraction of the budget of the other major racing teams at their disposal, it already has a considerable track record. In 2021 Rennsport Wachter will start again with a Formula 3 racing car from 2008 in the FIA ??Central European Championship (FIA CEZ) and will compete with the 13-year-old racing car in the E2000 class against the most powerful and newest Formula 3 vehicles. Support the smallest F3 racing team in Europe in the fight against the large, established racing teams and become a sponsor of the team. We would be happy to discuss the various options in detail in a personal meeting.

Calendar 2021

17.- 18. April   Hungaroring (HUN)   FIA CEZ
31. April - 2. Mai   Monza (ITA)   Drexler Formel Cup
20.- 23. May   Red Bull Ring (AUT)   FIA CEZ/ Drexler Formel Cup
11.- 13. June   Salzburgring (AUT)   Drexler Formel Cup
25.- 27. June   Spa (BEL)   Drexler Formel Cup
16.- 18. July   Imola (ITA)   Drexler Formel Cup
24.- 25. July   Grobnik (CRO)   FIA CEZ
21.- 22. August   Slovakiaring (SVK)   FIA CEZ
3.- 5. September   Brünn (CZE)   FIA CEZ/ Drexler Formel Cup
2.- 3. October   Hungaroring (HUN)   FIA CEZ


Formula Race Cars of the F3 racing team "Rennsport Christian Wachter":

  • 2016: Formel BMW FB02: 140 hp, 1200ccm, Topspeed 240km/h, weight ca. 460kg
  • Since 2017: Formula 3, Dallara F308/10 FPT: 237 hp, 2000ccm, Topspeed 280km/h, weight ca. 500kg